Teno in the north of Tenerife - Holiday Homes in the nature of the island


For hiking lovers more than an insider tip on Tenerife. The Teno Mountains ("Macizo de Teno") with a height of 1345 metres in the north. There are still non-explored and hardly known areas and animals there. Rutted, steep volcanic gorges as well as mountainsides welcome you here. A nearly unreal landscape. However numerous exotic plants like preekly pears or reptiles made it their home.

The Teno Mountains : a volcanic landscape, which can't be found elsewhere.

If you want to conquer the Teno Mountains, escape the mass tourism and live in a quiet location, you are definitely in good hands in the area around Buenavista del Norte. A stay here is possible without any disturbances due to cultivated accomodation. Who additionally wants to be mobile and see other destinations of this Canary Island like the Pico del Teide or the promenades of touristy places like Los Cristianos (about 80 driving minutes away) or Puerto de la Cruz (about 45 minutes away), should get a rental car for their holidays Tenerife. A public bus network is indeed available but in some cases more slow. Do not let your valuable holiday time go away.

A often hiked route is the former hidden village Masca with its narrow serpentine roads. Nowadays already a bit stronger builded for tourists it attracts many passionate wanderers and excursionists daily. A nearly six hours lasting hike through the rugged landscape is the aim. No worries, in Masca you can also relax in a restaurant and taste the Canary kitchen in the unique agricultural scenery.

Especially mind good footwear. As a hiker in Masca you will walk throug a Barranco. A very steep and hilly way leads you up to the Atlantic. To the left and the right side volcanic rock walls rise up to about 500 metres steeply. An impressive and for unpractised vacationers exhausting foot march.

From the Masca gorge you can get to Los Gigantes with a ship. Another easier route is the coast hike along to the town Punta de Teno. It is bit more flat and with a view on the Atlantic Ocean.

A trip tip is also the Faro de Teno (lighthouse), which symbolizes the western end of Tenerife.

Beware: Do not go on a hike in the Teno Mountains without company or away from the signed routes. At this western edge of the Canary Island, there is a high chance to get lost. Also, inform yourself on telephone numbers for an emergency.



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