Sporting and leisure actvities on your holidays in Tenerife

Whether cycling, climbing, diving, sailing or so on - Tenerife offers countless opportunities for sporting adventures, ideal for beginners to advanced. Because here you can not only spend relaxing hours on the beach, but also try a lot of new things!


Cycling / Mountain Biking
There are quite a few visitors that choose Tenerife as their holiday destination for bicycle rides. The former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong did his training in Tenerife, because in winter it is the best place for mountain rides. Due to the weather conditions this would be almost impossible on the mainland. In Tenerife you will rather come upon bicylists than mountain bikers. Those ride through the island's bizarre volcanic landscapes. There are several operators, that offer guided mountain bike tours.

Tenerife offers around 800 climbing tours. The most common difficulty levels are between V and VII. But there also courses for beginners on grounds that are easier to master. There are great climbing possibilites for example in Guia de Isora, where you can find a great gorge or in Arico, where you can find several gorges as well. There are already a 100 tours only in the Roques de Garcia, right in the Cañadas in front of the Teide national park.

The Canary Islands are rich in fish by nature, due to the Canary Current. It brings colder water that is richer in nutrients into the region and at the same time functions as natural air conditioning for the group of islands. Besides fish there are also whales, dolphins and turtles in the ocean. There are also a few diving areas which guarantee an adventure. In Radazul, divers can find a fish trawler at a depth of 20 - 30 metres. Off El-Sauzal there is an aircraft wreckage of a DC-3.

In Tenerife there are two opportunities for fishing. There are no seas, so the focus is on saltwater fish. You can buy fresh trouts, but they come from breeding facilities close to Aquamansa, where you can also buy them. At the dams you will often find local fishers. There you have good chances to catch smaller fish, such as giltheads, perches and parrotfish. You can also go deep-sea fishing and catch a tuna or swordfish. For this category of fishing you need to get on a boat.

El Médano is a destination for windsurfers. Also, here the world cup racing takes place. A light wind always blows by, due to the good location. That makes it the perfect place for a fun surf experience. Kitesurfers will also enjoy themselves. The most common wind conditions are between 3 and 5, but of course it can always happen that the weather is not cooperating. In this case it could be windless or the wind could even blow too strong. Of course, the weather conditions for your exact holiday period can be different.

Actually, Tenerife is rather unknown as a sailing destination. But there is no reason for that. From the ocean you have wonderful views on the island's steep coasts and you can reach beaches that are not even accessible from the mainland. Some of the highlights for sailers are the steep coasts off Los Gigantes and the bay Punta del Teno at the bottom of the Teno Mountains. With some luck, they can even watch whales and dolphines in the ocean between Tenerife and La Gomera.

Tennis and Padel-Tennis
In the tourist destinations Puerto de la Cruz in the north and Playa las Americas in the south, you can find a lot of possibilities to play tennis or padel-tennis. Especially Tenerife's inhabitants prefer padel-tennis over normal tennis. It is a combination of tennis and squash. Large facilities are for example the tennis centre Miramar near Puerto de la Cruz, the tennis club La Florida near Los Cristianos and the tennis centre San Francisco in Los Gigantes.

There are riding facilities in Tenerife that sometimes also provide accommodation. You can find those on our website. Some of them are in the south while others are located in the north of the island. Due to the good weather conditions in Tenerife throughout the year, horse rides are also possible in the summer months. In the summer, temperatures rarely rise above 30 degrees, so the horses still feel comfortable. The north of Tenerife provides interesting riding areas through laurel- and eucalyptus forests. The south provides rather deserted areas with cactuses and euphorbias. Riding through the Cañadas is a unique experience, in which you are going to ride through a volcanic landscape, that makes you feel like you are on another planet.

Thanks to the high mountain region, paragliding is a popular sport in Tenerife. Often you can see a paraglider flying through the air. There are several flying areas. A popular route is the one that goes from La Corono - Icod de Alto to the Playa Socorro, where you'll land right on the beach after you've been 800metres high. The routes from Izaña in the Cañadas either to Puertito de Güimar in the south or to Puerto de la Cruz in the north, have an even longer duration.

There are two karting facilities in Tenerife. In the north you can find "Carting Canarias" in Los Rodes and in the south there is the "Carting Club Las Americas".

Waterskiing - Jetskiing
In the tourist centres you can find waterskiing and jetskiing opportunities directly at the beach. Especially in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos you have lots of opportunities for those sports. Those are also ideal places for beginners because the ocean is very calm.

Paragleiten auf Teneriffa
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