Golf Courses in Tenerife

There are eight golf courses in Tenerife. They all have different levels of difficulty. Three of them are in the north and five in the south.

Golf courses in the north

Buenavista Golf
The golf course is located at the bottom of the Teno Mountains by the sea in the town Buenavista del Norte in Tenerife's northwest. This location makes the 18-hole golf course even more beautiful because you have a wonderful view in all directions. The clubhouse is situated in the centre of the golf course which gives you a great overview on the whole facility.

Calle La Finca
38480 Buenavista del Norte
Tel: +34 922 129034
Fax: +34 922 128044

Real Club de Golf de Tenerife
Another golf course but with more difficult challenges. It is located in Tacaronte close to Los Naranjeros. The challenges are based on hilly areas and gorges, which require more concentration from the players. The golf course is situated at a height of around 600 metres and offers a great view on mountain Teide. In the clubhouse you can borrow equipment and you can visit the bar or the restaurant.

C/ Campo De Golf 1
38350 Tacoronte
Tel: +34 922 636607

Golf Rosaleda
In Puerto de la Cruz there is a golf course called Rosaleda. It is located in the midst of a banana plantation. If you are a beginner, this is the right place for you. There is also the opportunity to take golf lessons. The facility also has a nice restaurant.

Club de Golf La Rosaleda
Clamino Carrasco 17
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Tel: +34 922 373000

Golf spielen auf Teneriffa
Buenavista Restaurant am Golfplatz
Golf spielen auf in Buenavista

Golf courses in the south

Amarilla Golf
This golf course is located in the town of the same name - Amarilla. Close to San Miguel, you can play golf on this beautiful 18-hole golf course which also offers a restaurant, a bar, a swimming hall, a riding area and a tennis court. A lot of native plants make the golf course even more attractive.

Amarilla Golf
383639 San Miguel de Abona
Tel: +34 922 730319
Fax: +34 922 785557

Amarilla Golf

Golf del Sur
The 27-hole golf course in San Miguel de Abona was opened in 1987 with a professional tournament. Here, the British golf player Karl Woodward set the first record for a golf stroke over 480 yards. Even nowadays, international tournaments take place on this golf course. You can take golf lessons and when you come in a group, you can even bring your own teacher.

Urb. Golf del Sur - Galván Bello
38639 San Miguel de Abona
Tel: +34 922 738170
Fax: +34 922 738272

Golf Las Americas
As you can see from the name, this golf course is located near Playa las Americas, which is a popular tourist centre in the south. Because of its location on a hill, it offers an ocean view. It is an 18-hole golf course with lakes and ditches.

Calle Landa Golf nº22
38660 Playa de las Américas
Tel: +34 922 752005
Fax: +34 922 795250

Golf Los Palos
This golf course is located in Arona and it's a great place for beginners. There are no height differences and the golf course has 9 holes. From the clubhouse you have a great overview on the whole facilty. There are some water hazards in the form of ditches and lakes. You can also take golf lessons. One special thing about this golf course is the great view on the mountains.

Ctra. Guaza - Las Galletas
38627 Arona
Tel: (0034) 922 169 080
Fax: (0034) 922 169 238

Golf Costa Adeje
This huge golf course has 27 holes, from which the first 18 holes already cover an area of 800000sqm. There is even a lift for your golf cart. This place has a lot to offer, for example a highclass restaurant, a bar and golf lessons. It also provides a great ocean view.

Adeje, Los Olivos
Tel: +34 922 710000
Fax: +34 922 710484

Abama Golf
This golf course belongs to the Abama Hotel in the southwest of Tenerife. It has 27 holes and 22 lakes. There are more than 90000 trees and palm trees, which in combination with the seas make it look wonderful. Also, you have a nice ocean view.

Guia de Isora
Tel: +34 902 105 600

Golf spielen in Buenavista
Buenavista Restaurant
Golfplatz in Buenavista
Buenavista del Norte
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