Have a fun time with your family in Tenerife's exciting Siam Park !

Numerous attractions and a huge amount of water-this is the Siam Park Tenerife. The largest water park in Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to fun. Tenerife's pleasant temperatures are ideal for a dip into the refreshing water. Of course the best possibility is to go to the beach. But if you want to try out an exciting new water experience then you should visit the Siam Park. It is Europe's number one water park and it is located in the south of Tenerife. Just like for the Loro Park, you will find advertisement for the park everywhere, on buses, brochures or huge posters. But is it really recommendable?

Siam Park Tenerife

Is the Siam Park a must go trip during your holidays in Tenerife?

With a size of 18.5 hecatres, the Siam Park is Europe's largest waterpark and in 2015 it became TripAdvisor's most popular waterpark in the world. If you want to go there, you should plan a whole days of your holidays. It is also important that you arrive early to avoid wasting time standing in lines. Additionally, there are several attractions that you can try out. Unfortunately, the entrance isn't quite cheap. Adults have to pay 34€ for a one-day ticket and the price for a children's pass is 23€. Opening times in summer (may-october) are from 10.00am - 06.00pm and in winter (november-april) from 10.00am to 05.00pm.

Besides swimwear you shouldn't forget to bring suncream and a pair of flip-flops. Unfortunately, you can't bring your own snacks and drinks, because they are not allowed in the park. That means you have to buy food and drinks in a small café or in one of the restaurants.

Additional information:
The Siam Park is the first official "Green Water Park". He is environmentally friendly because of its own water treatment plant. Everday, it pumps 700m³ seawater into the plant and turns it into fresh water. Then it gets warmed up to 25°C. Also, the water of the slides is used for watering the plants.

Welcome to Siam Park - a very special setting

When you walk through the gates of Siam park, you will immediately notice the Thai architecture, which fits to the name "Siam Park". The whole property looks fascinating and is designed in a Thai style. It takes you to a Far Eastern world of dragons, temples and mythological figures, which is quite impressive. In 2008, the princess of Thailand, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, attented the opening of the park.

You can put your things into a locker, which unfortunately costs money too. After that you will be greeted by sea lions in an enclosure at the entrance. Then you can chose between numerous attractions. You can either relax at the artificial sandy beach or you can start with the exciting water slides.

Attractions in Siam Park - There is something for everybody 

For best sliding conditions, the park was built on a hill. There are 29 slides in total and everybody will find something that suits their taste.

Tower of Power
This 28m-high water slide will increase your adrenalin level immediately. The slide goes down almost vertically and it ends in a plexiglas tube that passes through a shark tank.

The Dragon
Fun inside the water for up to 4 people!  "The Dragon" is a ProSlide tornado for for people, which guarantees plenty of fun.

Naga Racer
The "Naga Racer" is an exciting six-lane racing slide.

Funnel Slides
"The Giant" consists of 2 funnel slides. You can slide into the water either clockwise or counterclockwise. "The Volacno" is a 4-person funnel slide with laser effects in the inside.

The "Singha" slide has opened in 2015 and is 240 metres long. With 18 metres per second it feels like a roller-coaster ride.

Of course there are many more slides, but most slides are rather unsuitable for small children. For them there are some water playgrounds, such as "Lost City" with 120 attractions or the children's area "Sawasdee" where you can find a smaller version of "The Dragon".

Of course there are some relaxing attractions as well, for example the "Wave Place".  It's a wave pool with an artifical beach. There are 40 different kind of waves, of which some can reach a height of 3 metres. It is known as Europe's biggest wave-making machine. It is also possible to surf there. You can even borrow a wet suit.
A good place to relax is the "Mai Thai River". It is not for nothing called the "Lazy River". It is a long artificial lake on which you can relax on a big swim ring. The "Mai Thai River" has the world's highest elevation of any lazy river at 8 meters.

The Siam Park has something to offer for everyone, who loves exciting water slides and water parks in general. The whole facility looks incredbily beautiful and is very clean. A disadvantage could be the ticket prices and that you can't bring your own food to the park. Apart from that, you can spend a wonderful day in Siam Park.

Here you can check out the English website for Siam Park www.siampark.net

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