Hiking in Tenerife - Beautiful trails on the unique and special island

There are many beautiful hiking trails in Tenerife which you should explore. Here we have a small selection of the best tours - from easy to difficult. Wether you are an expert in hiking or a family with a child, you will find the perfect tour here.

Teide in the snow

Hiking tour from El Palmar via Los Bailaderos

The trail starts in El Palmar and leads steadily upwards until you reach Los Bailaderos in a distance of 4 kilometers. If you like to, you can take a rest here and go to a restaurante. Now you walk a short distance upwards again until you reach the highest point of the tour. You walk down now for the last 4 kilometers until you reach El Palmar again.

Length: ca. 10 km
Duration ca. 3 1/2 h

Hiking trail with fantastic view on the Volcano Teide

The tour starts at Mirador Llano de Ucanca. You can get a wonderful view on the Teide and the mountains, already at the beginning of the trail. You have to walk a little bit upwards until you reached the half of the way. You can take a break here and enjoy the fantastic view. The way leads downwards now until you reach the point where you startet. It is perfectly suitable for children.

Lenght: ca. 3 1/2 km
Duration: ca. 1h

Blick auf Teide

Hiking tour through the "moonscape" of Tenerife

The tour starts in north of Vilaflor. Follow the signs to Los Escurriales and after a few meters you will have an incredible view over the south of Tenerife. After 3 further kilometers you will see the impressiv white mountains. Now you follow the trail through a wonderful Landscape until you reach the point where you startet.

Length: ca. 7 km
Duration: ca. 2 1/2 h

Hiking trail to the Punta del Hidalgo

The trail starts in Chinamada, follow the way through the wonderful Landscape namend Parque Rural de Anaga. Get impressed by the nature and enjoy it. You will see the canyons Barranco del Tomadero and Barranco del Río as well as the Roque dos Hermanos until you reach the lovely Punta del Hidalgo.

Length: ca. 5 km
Duration: ca. 2 1/2 h

Punta del Hidalgo

Hiking tour through the fascinating Masca Canyon

The tour starts in Masca and leads downhill into the fantastic Canyon. In some parts the trail has a width of just 30 meters and the rocks are 600 meters high. At the end of the tour you will reach a beach, which is very good to cool down. If you don't want to hike up the trail again you can take the ship to Los Gigantes. From there you can get back to Masca by bus. If you are planning to do this tour you should join a group.

Length: ca. 9km
Duration: ca. 4 1/2 h


Hiking tour to the Pico del Teide

This tour is especially suitable for professional hikers. It takes two days and starts at the parking area Montana Blanca. On the first day you will walk to the quarter where you stay for the night. On the early morning you will walk to the top of the mountain where you can watch the spectacular sunrise. When the sky is clear you can see the Islands La Gomera, Gran Canria and La Palma. If you are planning to do this tour you should also join a group.

Lenght: ca. 10 km
Duration without any breaks: ca. 5 h

Teide sunrise

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