Tenerife's fascinating beaches and bays all over the island

As the largest Canary island, Tenerife offers holidaymakers a large number of different beaches in all regions - here everyone finds their perfect beach. In the south, there are several beaches in each tourist destination. They all have a good infrastructure and are well-tended.  Also in some other regions, there are a few artificial beaches that are well-kept as well as natural beaches.

There are often misunderstandings concerning the types of the beaches. For example, some tourists get the information on how a natural beach is a sandy beach and when they get there, they notice that, surprisingly, it is a shingle beach. Or the other way around: The tourists expect a shingle beach and when they arrive, they find a sandy beach. It is actually true that the beaches can change their structures due to ocean currents. This does not apply to artificial beaches. 


Artificial designed sandy beaches

Those beaches where artificially designed, for example with sand from the nearby Sahara Desert and they offer with palms, sun loungers and bamboo parasols an almost Caribbean-like flair.

One of these beaches is for example the Playa de las Teresitas in the near of the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is about 7 kilometres away from the city centre, but you can get to it easily by bus or rental car. The view is fantastic and is often shown on many postcards. At a length of over 1,5 kilometres you can enjoy yourself and the sun between palm trees. In the background, you see the Anaga-Mountains, which often offer protection against bed weather. The beach is also protected. Because of a mole the water is mostly calm and so ideal for families with children.

Another sandy beach, which was created artificially, is the Playa de las Vistas in one of the largest touristic areas of Tenerife - Playa Las Americas. On a length of about one kilometre and a wide of 100 meters, there are many possibilities for a great stay. You can simply enjoy the sun in the white sand and relax, go swim in the water of the Atlantic Ocean or be active in sports like jet skiing, kayaking, at pedal boats, beach volleyball and much more. The beach is also very suitable for families with children and partly barrier-free adapted for wheelchair users.

Black sand beaches of Tenerife

Typical for the island are however the black sandy beaches with were created by the lava stones of Tenerife's volcanos. Attention, the sand is often very hot because of its colour! An advantage of this is, that you have it warm, even on cloudy days. In addition, the scene is fantastic and it offers another kind of beach experience.

A prime example for such a wonderful black sand beach is the Playa Jadin in Puerto de la Cruz. It is, beside some others like the Playa de las Teresitas, one of the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife. It was created as a project of the canarian artist César Manrique. His main idea for this beach was to use the lush nature of the beautiful spring island. So now there is a beautiful landscaped par full of tropical flowers and plants, directly on the beach. So, it really earned its name "Jadin" which means "Garden".

On a length of about 700 meters the beach is divided in three sections and offers so a cozy place for all its visitors. With a breathtakingly view to the Teide you can enjoy your time here. Just swim in the ocean or/and listen to the sound of the waves. These break on artificially created riffs, which also offer the bathers some protection.

Natural sea-water pools

 An absolute highlight for all water lovers are the natural sea-water swimming pools of Tenerife. You will find them mainly in the north of the island. They were created in various volcanic eruptions by for example the Teide volcano. The lava flowed into the Atlantic and then cooled, which caused unusual and bizarre rock formations. The sea-water is now collected there and pools of different sizes have been created.

One of the most famous of these natural swimming pools is located in Garachico. This was the result of the eruption of the volcano Garachico in 1906. The only remaining consequence of this is the now well-maintained swimming pool. Between the rock formations there are deep pools with sometimes stronger currents, but also delimited basins, which are some so shallow, that they are perfect as a children pool. Here the whole family can experience a special bathing pleasure.


Learn more about the various and beautiful beaches of Tenerife in the list below and already get an impression of your holiday destination.

San Marcos auf Teneriffa
Playa Almáciga bei Taganana
Puerto de la Cruz - Strand Jardin - Teneriffa Nord
Lago Martiánez in Puerto - Teneriffa Nord
Schwarze Sandstrand in Benijo
Playa de la Arena in Mesa del Mar
Strand von Bajamar in Teneriffa
Playa las Vistas - Teneriffa / Tenerife
Teneriffa Süd - Playa Arena
Playa Teresitas in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Playa las Galgas in Teneriffa
Playa del Duque an der Costa Adeje
Strand del Duque in Teneriffa Süd
Playa Teresitas
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