Tenerife's fascinating beaches and bays all over the island

Tenerife has numerous beaches in almost every region of the island. In the south there are several beaches in each tourist destination. They all have a good infrastructure and are well-tended.  Also in some other regions, there are a few artificial beaches that are well-kept as well as natural beaches.

There are often misunderstandings concerning the types of the beaches. For example, some tourists would get information on how a natural beach is a sandy beach and when they get there they would notice that, surprisingly, it is a shingle beach. Or the other way around: The tourists expect a shingle beach and when they arrive, they find a sandy beach. It is actually true that the beaches can change their structures due to ocean currents. This does not apply to artificial beaches.

San Marcos auf Teneriffa
Playa Almáciga bei Taganana
Puerto de la Cruz - Strand Jardin - Teneriffa Nord
Lago Martiánez in Puerto - Teneriffa Nord
Schwarze Sandstrand in Benijo
Playa de la Arena in Mesa del Mar
Strand von Bajamar in Teneriffa
Playa las Vistas - Teneriffa / Tenerife
Teneriffa Süd - Playa Arena
Playa Teresitas in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Playa las Galgas in Teneriffa
Playa del Duque an der Costa Adeje
Strand del Duque in Teneriffa Süd
Playa Teresitas
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