Holidays on Tenerife for people with disabilities and wheelchair users

Holidays are for everyone and because of that, we want to offer you here some of our tips and holiday objects for disabled people and wheelchair users. If you travel with handicapped people or wheelchair users, there are a few aspects that you should think of before booking an accommodation. Before you travel to Tenerife, you should contact your airline to get information and to make sure you won't have any problems with the transportation.

The transportation from your accomodation to destinations that you take trips to, is also an important aspect. There are a few service providers that offer transportation for disabled people. A popular one is called LeRo. If handicapped people travel with family members or friends that have a license, then it is also possible to rent a car.

When you choose an accommodation there are a few things that you need to consider.

While choosing your accommodation, take a few things into account. For example, that there is a step-free access to all rooms, that all doors are big enough and that the whole property is disabled-friendly.

Playa las Vistas

Especially the bathroom needs to have sufficient space and features. In the south of Tenerife around Los Cristianos there are several holiday houses and appartments that are accesible for disabled people and wheelchair users. In addition, a part of the Las Vistas beach is specially customized for disabled people. But there are also some other regions where you can find suitable accommodation. For example in Puerto de la Cruz.

For further information on specific properties, feel free to contact us and we will help you find an accommodation according to your wishes.

Finally, the most important factors for chosing your accommodation:

✔ Car park available
✔ Step-free access to all rooms
✔ Doors and doorways with a width of 90cm
✔ Disabled-friendly bathroom with easily accessbile shower (for wheelchairs)
✔ Small range of disabled-friendly properties

Holiday houses
Holiday houses - Playa las Vistas - Los Cristianos
Holiday houses - Playa las Vistas
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