Vilaflor - Tenerife


In the southeast, 1.400 metres above the sea level, designed by mineral sources (Pinalito and Fuente Alta) and traditional craft - there is Vilaflor a quiet and small town. About 2000 inhabitants live here.

Relaxation, peace and rest are a guiding principle at this place. Vilaflor is one of the most popular health resorts on the Canaries. For people with breathing problems the flair of the healing climate and the clean mountain air are especially good. Many ways additionally lead up to the well known vacation destinations Teide National Park and Pasaje Lunar (moon landscape). Because of that you meet most of the tourists only on the transit.

Not only from a culinary (bakeries from Vilaflor are known on all of the Canary Islands) but also from a scenically point of view. A relaxation trip to this highest place of Spain is an experience in every season. The fantastic and famous sight of the poppy and almond blossoms in spring is not for nothing known worldwide. Furthermore also the tasting in the neighbouring wine area is worth a drop. Here not only hobby winemakers go into raptures about red and white wine. The easy arrival with the rental car (national road 821) makes this place especially perfect for families and individual tourists. Enjoy either the traditional kitchen or sportily climb the Teide in Vilaflor. Other travel destinations of Tenerife (e.g. 30 minutes to los Cristianos) are fastly reachable because of well developed streets.

Attention: Do not forget to put warm clothes in your luggage. Here it can get cold fastly.



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