La Laguna in the east of Tenerife - Holiday homes in the university city


Near the capital city Santa Cruz there is the old town San Cristóbal de La Laguna. This wonderful city still has an original core and the Plaza del Adelantado builds the centre. On sundays the guests experience a colorful market spectacle here.

The traders offer fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and flowers. At the market it is usual to bargain for the goods. That happens friendly and is funny for the traders and for the customers.

The city La Laguna is a lively university city with some museums and exhibition halls. In the historical museum informations about history, geology and about the trade relations of La Laguna are shown. There are many good restaurants, which offer diversified menus. Especially the fresh fish dishes and the delicious deserts are very popular with the visitors.
Especially for young people there is a varied nightlife with many bars and pubs.

In La Laguna you mainly find students - national and international - as well as inhabitants. That makes up the special flair of the city, in which cultures mix, but in comparison to other cities of the island, very few tourists are found.
Also the few hotels and the beautiful colored and individually designed houses complete the view of the city.

Tip: At the Semana Santa (holy week), which takes place from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, you can experience numerous pompous processions and parades in San Cristóbal de la Laguna. They are staged for the rememberance of the Death on the Cross and the resurrection of the dead of Jesus Christ. Also many more activities, like for example the gastronomical competition with wine tasting, wait for the visitors during the easter time in La Laguna.



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