Masca on Tenerife


Masca is a small mountain village in the Teno Mountains on about 1000 metres height. In the past the area was used for agriculture, but because the youth has nearly left the village completely, today this is not happening anymore.

Through a curvy road the town, which is located in a volcanic crater, is connected with Buenavista and Santiago del Teide. The different districts of Masca are spread on various hillsides, on which fields were cultivated in a terrace shape.

The village is fully prepared for trippers, which visit Masca, particularly of course also foreign tourists. There are only 20 houses and in most of them there are restaurants or cafes, from which you have a view of the gorge of Masca, which extends down to the sea and at the same time offers the maybe most popular hike of the island.

Below you can get picked up by a boat, which brings you to Los Gigantes. The hike has to be guided for this, which is offered by many companies, which have specialised in hikes. It is one of the most popular hikes on Tenerife.



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