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Holidaymakers, which spend their vacation on Tenerife for the first time, experience their first contact with the Teide National Park (Parque Nacional Teide) already during the landing of the airplane. Because: In the months of winter the snowy peak of the Teide (Pico del Teide) rises just like an iceberg above the waves of the Atlantic and seems to enjoy its full majestic height of 3718 metres sealevel. Also in the summer a great view.

Since 1954 national park and since 2007 UNESCO world heritage the national park delights numerous visitors every year in their vacation. No wonder, eventually the Teide is the third highest volcanic mountain of the world. Furthermore the Teide National Park offers a lot of landscape variety. A moon landscape, densely wooded regions as well as a rugged crater scenery are only some examples. From the Roque Cinchado over the Ucanca plateau up to the Montaña Blanca. In addition the flora is unique amongst other things because of the echium wildpretii.

During a hike in the Parque Nacional Teide you should always carry: Good foodwear, rain and sun protection, drinks and provision. Indees there is a service station (Parador) only a few walking minutes of the Roques de García, but during a longer foot march it would be an advantage.

The Teide National Park is a popular travel destination not only for practised hiking lovers. For every skill you can find a suitable hiking route. Ambitionate wanderers of course grasp at  the peek of the highest mountain of Spain. But many people prefer the easier way with the cableway (Teleférico del Teide) to enjoy the view on Tenerife about 150 metres under the peek.

The route around the basalt columns named Los Organos is additionally very liked by hikers. The landscape is characterised by pine forests and a height difference of roughly 800 metres. The hiking route alson the Las Cañadas (crater). Furthermore you should also use your stay to enjoy the clean air and the tartly rock formations. Many holidaymakers felt like on the planet mars at Cañadas.

If you want to stay in a holiday house, apartment or finca near the Teide National Park, should take a look at the area of La Orotava or Vilaflor. The rental car is recommended.

A public bus transport line daily drives to the Teide and the Parador.

Attention: Do not hike alone in the Teide National Park. Always follow the signed paths. If you plan a longer hike please inform yourself in advance about the telephone numbers for an emergency.



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