Tejina de Isora - Tenerife


The small mountain village Tejina de Isora belongs to the community Guía de Isora and is located at the south west coast of the island Tenerife.

The origin of Tejina de Isora is in the 16th century, which can be understood during a visit of the most important example for the architectural heritage : The chapel on the hill Ioma de los Panchos.

The place is situated between the gorges (Barrancos) Tejina and La Ermita on about 620 metres above the sea level at the foot of the nature monument Montaña Tejina.
Tejina de Isora is surrounded by agricultural areas and the visitore have the priviledge, thanks to the connection with the agriculture, to gaze at a unique surrounding : The hamlet Las Fuentes, which in the past was the "breadbasket of Isora" (elgranero de Isora). 

Furthermore Tejina de Isora has founded one of the biggest associations of the community Isora. In the year 1964 with 25 members and nowadays with more than 500 members it is its function to care about the selling of tomatoes, bananas (which both are the most important cultural plants of the cmmunity and the base of the economy), as well as products like papayas.

To the touristy Costa Adeje and the tourism centres Las Américas and Los Cristianos it is not far by car. There is a wide offer of activities and shopping possibilities waiting for you.

With the rental car you only need about 25 minutes to the southern airport of the island.




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