Pinolere in the north of Tenerife - The best holiday homes in the area


Do you search in your vacation on Tenerife for the real Canary feeling ? Just without mass tourism ? 

In this case you best combine your visit at the Pico del Teide (the highest mountain of Spain) with a stay in Pinolere.

The little village Pinolere is located about 7 kilometres above the historical city La Orotava and is still one of the most original places of the Canaries. About 60 years ago there were still natives living here. Today it indeed "only" serves as a ethnografic museum but the thatched huts still function as contemporary witnesses about the past simple live. Numerous details like the original interior give the visitors the feeling, that only just someone left the small made of stone and straw houses.

Who likes it a bit more sporty in the vacation, can also hike on a trail from La Orotava to Pinolere (a one hour march).

Pinolere can be visited from tuesday to sunday 10 am - 2 pm.
(changes of the times are possible)



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