Las Caletillas in the east of Tenerife - Holiday homes in the sunny area


Las Caletillas is known by inhabitants especially as a convinient place to live. The location of the town between the place of pilgrimage Candelaria and the 17 km distant capital city Santa Cruz de Tenerife is ideal.

But not only for inhabitants the location is ideal, but also for vacationers, which indeed want to see Santa Cruz, but do not want to renounce a bath in the Ocean and a beach.
The tourism infrastructure of the small place is very well developed. So there are many hotel complexes and access to the public transport network.

In Las Caletillas there are some natural beaches with black, gritty sand, which are very popular with tourists. However the Point Break is stronger here, than at some other places and is therefore not recommendable for families and infants.
For those and for bathing guests, who like it a bit more comfortable, the town also offers a nicely decoarted public seawater swimming pool. There you can refresh yourself saved from the breakers.

After a sunny day at the beach or in the swimming pool the beautiful promenade with its bars and restaurants is a very good place to stroll along in the evening.
At daytime you can explore the wonderful garden complexes, which are typical for the Canary Islands, during a walk through the town. Together with other native plants and trees this makes a nice overall picture.

If you want to leave your self catering accomodation, here and everywhere else at the coast of Tenerife, vacationers can enjoy fresh, delicious fish in the taverns and restaurants.



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