El Puertito de Guimar in the east of Tenerife - The best holiday homes


El Puertito de Güímar - also called El Puertito - is a typical Canary fishing village and a real insider tip for inhabitants of Tenerife. The original charme is despite its proximity to the tourism centres and Playa de las Américas and Playa de San Juan still there.

Untouched by mass tourism the cosy town offers wonderful beaches, which are protected against the surf and equipped barrier-free. The small, contemplative fishing place with its dreamy bay offers also a great contact point for divers and those, who want to learn how to dive. Especially the big sea turtles, which do not fear the contact with people, are an attraction here.

From the northern end of the village up to the yacht harbour at the southern end there is a long and beautiful cultivated beach promenade. During a walk along this promenade some cosy bars directly at the beach invite to stay.
The romantic sunrise can be enjoyed here in a contemplative atmosphere with a glas of wine and a delicious fish dish especially good. Thereby you see small fishing boats swinging softly on the water.

Small holiday houses directly at the sea promise in contrast to the skyscrapers of the nearby tourism hotspots a relaxing vacation. The coloured little houses are mainly rented by locals.

If you want to experience the typical Canary Flair, untouched by tourism, then you are definitely right in El Puertito de Güímar.



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