Benijo in the east of Tenerife - The best accommodations in the area


In the northeast of Tenerife at the bottom of the Anaga Mountains, Benijo connects with the town Taganana. The little city is only inhabitated by locals. The beautiful surrounding around the place is due to its lonely black sandy beach especially popular with surfers.

For car drivers Benijo ist the most north-easterly point of the island. The drive here is difficult, because the infrastructure is not very well and the serpentine roads, which wind along the Taganana, are very time-consuming. At the end of the street it is only possible to get further in the dirrection and in the nature of the Anaga Mountains through hiking.

For bathing both beaches of the town Playa de San Roque and Playa de Benijo are especially for families with infants very unsuitable, because the currents are to strong here.
The appearance of the Playa de Benijo, which is reachable through steps, is shaped by rocks rising out of the water, the well known Roques de Anaga. The beach of the bathing bay is yearlong covered in sand and the seawater is crystal clear.

In Benijo there are some smaller bars and restaurants, in which you can have a good lunch. From the Bar El Fronto the magnificient view on the rocks, as well as on the northern tip of Tenerife is especially enjoyable.



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