Abades at Tenerife - an idyllic, southeasterly located coastal town


Abades - an idyllic coastal village, part of the community Arico. Away from the touristic masses here you find peace and relaxation in the sunny south. Mostly locals of Tenerife live in the small village, so you get to know some of the canarian lifestyle.

Tourists like to spend their holidays in this small, yearlong warm, hospitable and charming little place with inhabitants or long-time vacationers. Wonderful, cultivated white houses determine the landscape here. A sandy bathing bay as well as the lighthouse "Faro de Punta Abona" are the most beautiful attractions of the town. Furthermore in this Canary place there are leisure sport possibilities like tennis, basketball or boccia.

An almost 15 - minute drive with the rental car seperates Abades from the southern airport. There also is a public bus connection twice a day.


Abades also has an exciting story. Right beside, on a hill, is the so-called "ghost town" of Abades. In 1943, a village called "Sanatario de Abona" was planned here as a leprosy station and built a short time later. Especially the church dominates the scenery. It is built in Franco-typical style with a big cross on the top, which you can already see from the highway. Furthermore there are many small bungalows. But the village was never completed because a cure for leprosy was found during construction. The area was a military used training ground untill the year 2000. Since then, the deserted place in a desert-like landscape is abandoned and is now an insider tip for visitors of the island. With its coastal location and beautiful ocean views, this deserted "ghost town" provides a fantastic scenery. As a result, it is very popular among photographers and in the ruins you will discover artworks by artists from all over the world who have used this unique setting as a canvas.

Abades is a nice place to relax and swim. You can also discover a mysterious and fascinating settlement and part of the history of the beautiful island of Tenerife.



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