Tabla Race in Icod de los Vinos – On wodden boards through the streets!

Soon, it’s time again. The preparations are already underway and the municipal around Icod de los Vinos on Tenerife is looking forward to their annual “Fiesta de San Andrés”.

From 29th to 30th of November the „new wines“ of the region are traditionally presented in honor of Saint Andrés, patron oft he wine.

In addition to the tasting, the small village in the north of the island celebrates a very special costum on these days. The so-called „Tabla-Race“ should not be missed if you are visiting Tenerife at this time.

The participants races very quickly on their greased, partly self-constructed wooden boards down the enormously steep streets. They only use sturdy shoes and gloves for having a little influence on controlling and stopping. Whether young or old, this unique spectacle is represented by almost every generation.

At the end of the road are gigantic stacks of rubber tire. They should softening the impact a bit and the eager drivers arrive safely down again.

Already now the streets are declared to inofficial practice course.

By the way, this tradition has its roots in the 16th century. It is said the beaten wood of the higher forests was transported down to the garages by such wooden boards in a large version.


So break a leg!  We will see us by the „Tabla-Races“!


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The streets of Icod de los Vinos before using as race tracks for “Tabla-Races”

Enge Straße in Icod de Los Vinos