Tenerife – a holiday village shows the way into the future

On the holiday island Tenerife you find an absolute exeption in the world of vacation: The only emission-free holiday village of the world! It is located only 10 driving minutes away from the south airport Reina Sofia, at the foot of the Montaña Pelada. You can now enjoy this extraordinary kind of holiday accomodation in the southeast of the holiday island Teneriffa.

emissionfree village

Harmonically integrated in a wind park near Granadilla there is the worldwide first bio-holiday-colony. The idea for the project arised from an architecture competition. The Instituto Tecnologico y de Energias Renovables, shortly ITER, turned the 25 best suggestions of the 400  submitted projects into reality. The result is a unique opportunity, to spend vacation in holiday homes on Tenerife, which get their supplies completely from renewable energy. The fact, that the houses were built eco-friendly and partly out of recycled material, by the waydoes not affect the comfort. Quite the contrary: Comfortable to luxury furnished inside and with a stunning seaview, the “Bio-houses” are a real holiday oasis. All in all the village has 25 bioclimatic houses.

bio house

About the CO²-free houses

These holiday homes make use of the annual 3.000 hours of sun. The solarisation is optimally converted into electric energy by solar modules, which are located on the roofs of the houses and partly also in the walls. The complete power supply of the houses is warranted in this way. The tipical trade wind is used as well. The houses are aligned especially for the wind direction of this canary-tipical wind phenomenon. Special materials also allow the storage of warmth in the buildings. During the day clay and stones heat and store the warmth, which is then again equally absorbed in the cooler evening- and nighttime to the inside of the house.

emissionfree village

Also the interior captivates through comfort and modernity. The rooms are bright and light-flooded. One side of each house shall serve for the use at daytime. The other part is seperated by a stonewall and houses the bedrooms and bathrooms. The houses offer, depending on the location, even frontal or sideways seaview, which gives you an incomparably holiday experience. There are similar facilities worldwide.

Once in the week there is a guided tour through the village – you have the possibility to examine about 10 of the houses carefully. All of the accommodations are modernly furnished and have the same energetic facilities – heat accumulator, solar modules and an own desalting plant for the complete water supply! Like that you enjoy your vacation entirely self-sufficient in a holiday house on Tenerife!

emissionfree village

Holidays for the benefit of research and consistent with the environment

The holiday village is therefor located a bit isolated, because firstly it was not intended for tourists. Only scientists should inhabit the bio-houses, to transfer empirical data about the power generation and -consumption to the research institute ITER. This way the energy-efficiency should be checked. But therefor a temporary occupancy with scientists, who were also involved in other projects, was not enough. Because of that the idea was born, that the necessary data would also be preserved with a touristic use of the complex.

So the cornerstone was layed for the present use of completely emission-free holiday houses on Tenerife! You can now already rent the houses since a few years. Everyone, who wants to contribute to the enviromentally sound arrangement of the vacation and understand how to handle the ressources of our earth responsible, will feel like home here!