Tenerife – The hippie beach of La Caleta

Drop out, please !

At the westcoast of Tenerife close to the dreamy town La Caleta de Adeje a hidden natural beach is located, which is very popular for many inhabitants of the island and an insider tip for tourists.

But what makes this place so special? All around the bright sandy beach you spot many little huts, put assembled from dried out palm leaves, branches and rocks. They are the home of several “hippies”, who live here either for a few month or already since several years. Most of them consciously decided for the life without any consumption and social obligations. They are dropouts from the life that most of us know.

La Caleta beach

Hippie beach at La Caleta

The many huts and coloured tents characterise the overall view of the bay. Here you can see very clearly, who lives there since a longer time and who is just staying for a while. Because also to camp for just some days there are many beautiful places at the rocks. Many of the selfmade huts are located high up on the rocks and have a fantastic view on the sea and the surrounding.

Both friends of nude bathing and tourists, who rather sunbathe in a bikini or trunks will get their fill at this beach. Dogs – which want to romp around the beach or like their owners take a cool bath in the cristal clear water – are especially welcome here.
At the right time you can also listen to the rhytmic sound of the bongos, by which some dropouts make music together. Like that you can relax uniquely good at the beach.

Hippie beach

Refreshment in the turquoise blue water

The beach with many names

Spaghetti-Beach – the beautiful sandy beach has this name because it is told that in the beginnings of the dropouts time one of the inhabitants provided the visitors of the beach with selfmade spaghetti. In general the names Playa de la Diego Hérnandez and Playa Blanca are more common to most people.
The beach is only reachable by walking and the way down there goes either along the rock face or through a dusty and steep trail. Both ways start in the fishing village La Caleta at the Costa Adeje and are scenically very impressive.

La Caleta Tenerife

The way along the rock face

Anyone, who is now planning a trip to the sunny south of Tenerife, should not miss this highlight in no case. A visit to just have a nice beach day, hike through the landscape or to listen to the sound of the drums, is worth it!