Tenerife – a paradise for hikers

Many people come to the Canaries for hiking and discover the beautiful Islands. Also on Tenerife their are some cool spots, which are suitable for hiking. At some of these places we’ll take a closer look and give you some a advices for a nice trip.


In the northwest of tenerife beneath the teno mountains you find Masca. A little beautiful village to which the way seems to be a journey. A journey through a ravines with the diversity of the flora and fauna on an unsurfaced road.

Through this former pirate hideway the Bay of Masca can be reached in a walk, which lasts about three hours. When you reach your destination at the Bay of Masca you should take a boat from the coast to Los Gigantes with which you can watch whales and dolphins. If you want to do such an whale watching tour, remind to book a boat at the Bay of Masca before your trip.

In the last years Masca has become on of the main attractions during a tour on the island.


Parque Nacional de Teide

Another famous spot for hikers is the Teide National Park, which includes an volcanic crater about 30 miles circumfence. In the middle of this crater rises Mount Teide, which has an height about 12,200 feet.

Driving up the national park is an amazing experience, which many people do during their time on tenerife. Many people rent a car to drive through the area of the nationalpark. At the highest point that can be reached by car you can walk around and take amazing sights. Many hikers want to reach the summit of teide, the mouth of the volcano, but to do this you need a permission from the office in Orotava. The Climb or walk to the mouth takes about six hours and a high level of fitness.

But its totally worth it, from this point you can see Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.


Anaga Mountains

Another favored destination are the anaga mountains in the northeast of Tenerife including coastline, ravines and especially amazing population of forests and villages. The full variety of flora and fauna is represented in this are of the island. During a trip in the Anaga Mountains you frequently feel like hiking or driving through some country of South America.

There are many observation decks from which you have a view over the whole island.

Especially the area of Barranco de las Huertas, a large area of botanical importance is favored by many tourists.

In the whole sector of the mountains you have many hiking pathes, so that there should be nothing against an amazing hiking-tour.


So lets come to Tenerife and explore the beautiful of this Island!