Walk to the Moon Landscape (Paisaje Lunar) in Tenerife

Those who already have been to Tenerife certainly know about the exceptional landscapes which are waiting there and how some of them make you feel a bit like you were transfered into another world. The Paisaje Lunar, which can be quite simply translated with „moon landscape“ is one of those bizzare looking surprises that can be admired in the south of Tenerife. It can only be reached by a hike in which one wanders in the mountains between fragrant pine forests and beautiful views.

Pasaje Lunar

The tufa colums of the Paisaje Lunar

If you don’t want to miss it, you should forthwith catch the car and drive to Spain’s highest village called Vilaflor, where the starting point for the hike to the Lunar Landscape is located. From January to February, the winding road up takes you past blossoming almond groves and amazes you with a wonderful view of the valley the whole year around. However, the further one comes up, the steadily decreases the thermometer, because Vilaflor is situated 1,400 meters above sea level, so you should definitely have some warmer clothes with you.

Pines Pasaje Lunar

Only the pines tell you that you are not on the moon

Arrived in Vilaflor, it is best to park the car next to the church square and have a look on the rustic village with its traditional Canarian architecture. If you want to shorten the hike a little, there is the possibility to go further upwards by car, what saves about two hours of the hiking road, which leads mostly uphill.

Towards Paisaje Lunar by foot

Past the yellow-white and clearly visible lane markers, fragrant pine forests and sometimes quite large boulders, you only hear the steady crunch of gravel under your hiking boots. If you linger and just let your eyes wander, you are suddenly surrounded by an incredible silence, in which only very rarely sneaks a bird chirping.


Walking Lane with evening sun

After about 1.5 hours (of the shorter trail and many photo shoots included), you already mean to sense something bright in the pine thicket and actually: slowly the spectacular lunar landscape assembles. The white, polished by wind and weather tufa columns offer a splendid sight. Of course, you will love to look at them from close range, but due to the protection and conservation of this natural treasure, it can only be admired from afar. The lunar landscape is extremely sensitive to touches. Thereby the following generations can still enjoy this sight, we need to maintain the respect

Richer for unique photos and a beautiful memory of this landscape, you can head back now, but without putting the camera completely away, because the journey back awaits you with beautiful nature as well.

More information about the trail to the Paisaje Lunar can be found on this website todotenerife.es.