La Graciosa is now officially number 8 of the Canary Islands

Up until recently only seven of the in total 13 islands that belong to Spain politically but lie just off the coast of Morocco were officially referred to as “Canary Islands”. Since the end of June however the smallest inhabited island of the group, La Graciosa, has been accepted as its own administrative unit making it the 8th Canary Island. Read more

Lanzarote – A paradise for wine lovers

Lanzarote is famous for nomerous sights and an unique landscape with a beautiful flora and fauna. Also in particular friends of good wiine will love the island. The volcanic earth and the excellent climate guarantee the best conditions for winegrowing. Read more

Water sports on Lanzarote

When you come to Lanzarote, you want to see the Atlantic, go swimming and enjoy the beach life. If that is not enough, the Canary Island has much more possibilities to offer to enjoy your vacation. Read more