Lanzarote – A paradise for wine lovers

Lanzarote is famous for nomerous sights and an unique landscape with a beautiful flora and fauna. Also in particular friends of good wiine will love the island. The volcanic earth and the excellent climate guarantee the best conditions for winegrowing.

The black ash of the volcano protects the earth from drying-out and keeps the grape-vine moist.

Famous for whinegrowing is especially the area of La Geria between Yaiza und San Bartolome on with a magnitude of 5255 Hectare.

The most grown varietal is Malavasia, which every gourmet of whine should know. Its a little grape that convinces with balance, taste and aroma of its high quality.

Of course there are many chances for wine tasting in Lanzarote, especially in the are of La Geria. The most famous and also eldest whinery is El Grifo, which incorporates a museum for wine too.

So lets enjoy the unique landscape of lanzarote with a good wine and have a nice time in one of our few holiday houses!

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