Fuerteventura – A bathing paradise

The beaches of the Canary Island Fuerteventura belong to the most beautiful ones in Europe. Fine, white sand and turquoise water remind you of the Caribbean. Around the whole island, there are many bathing bays. Therefore, Fuerteventura seems like a little Caribbean in the Atlantic Ocean.

Calm beach at the Costa Occidental.

(Picture: Xavier)

Fuerteventura – The Caribbean in Europe

Even though it is often windy in Fuerteventura, you can find sheltered beaches along the east coast. Between Morro Jable and Costa Calma, there are beaches stretching over miles and in the north, there are the dunes of Corralejo. Of course, you can also find smaller, deserted coastal stretches far away from the tourist towns. Most of the time, the beaches are white, but on the west coast, there are also occasional black beaches.

At the long beaches, everybody finds a nice place for himself.

(Picture: Xavier)

The beaches are a dream, as they usually stretch over several kilometres and are often very wide. Thus, everyone can find a calm place for himself. In places, little sand dunes provide shade, which can be really pleasant when it is very hot. Moreover, they also offer a bit more privacy. As on most islands or at touristic coasts, there are many places where it is possible to rent deckchairs. Of course, the Atlantic does not offer as mild temperatures as the Mediterranean Sea, but on hot days a refreshment in the cool water can work miracles.

Swimming during the sunset – a dream!


(Picture: Xavier)

The bathing fun can begin!

On most of the beaches, you can swim without any problems and the waves (if existing) are normally not very high. Usually, the beaches go shallowly into the water. Therefore, Fuerteventura is also an ideal destination for families with children. Nevertheless, there are some coastal stretches where you should be careful while swimming, for example because of the strong current. In this case, there are signs indicating that. Usually, this is the case at the beaches where the surfers are, who can do their sports undisturbed and without having to pay attention to the bathers there.

Also with children, Fuerteventura is a great holiday destination!

(Picture: massimo ankor)

One of the most popular beaches for water sports enthusiasts and holiday makers looking for peace is the Playa Sotavento near the Costa Calma. It offers ideal conditions for sportspersons as well as for bathers. At specific places, you can even do nude bathing. Thus, this is really a dream beach!

Dream beaches everywhere

Very popular are also the dunes of Corralejo. Here, the beach extends right into the town. In the north and not far from Corralejo, there is the village El Cotillo. Here, there is also a beautiful coastal strech, that is mainly popular among surfers: Playa del Cotillo. One of the island’s largest sandy beaches is located near Cofete. It is several kilometres long and extends to the beaches of Barlovento. The visitors can walk there for hours and really relax.

The dunes of Corralejo.

(Picture: dicau58)

There are so many wonderful beaches in Fuerteventura, that it is not possible to name all of them. Moreover, the infrastructure of holiday homes is very good. Thus, you should definitely start and make a discovery tour. For beach lovers and sun-seekers, it is definitely worth it! You should really explore many of the wonderful coasts of the island – for sure, you will find the perfect beach for you!

Have a nice and relaxing holiday!