The Almond Blossoming on Tenerife – A Great Time for a Journey

If you have chosen Tenerife as a travel destination, it is probably partly because of the island’s beautiful nature. Though, there are particular seasons in which there are great natural spectacles, that make the island even more beautiful.

If you have decided for a holiday apartment or a holiday house on Tenerife during spring, the almond blossoming is a memorable experience, that you will not forget easily.


Trees with pink blossoms.

Pink blossoms beautify the landscape.

Photo: Raico Bernardino Rosenberg

Where the Almond Blossoming on Tenerife is the Best to Observe

During that time, you should leave your accommodation in the morning and go to Santiago del Teide. Located on a high plateau, you will have a great overview of the island and you can observe the wonderful sea of flowers on the island. As a hiker, the almond blossoming is just an impressive spectacle of nature. On the hiking routes, you will now see many blossoming almond trees. Hiking enthusiasts should not miss the chance to join a guided tour. In this way they can enjoy the view of often secret places, where the almond blossoming is especially impressive.


Santiago del Teide.

The almond blossoning in Santiago.

Photo: POTIER Jean-Louis


A Dream for Hobby Photographers

Now is also a great time for hobby photographers, as you can capture the full splendour of the almond blossoming in pictures. For sure, family and friends will be happy about the documentation of the annual almond blossoming on Tenerife. At all times, nature fans agree that the almond blossoming is an unforgettable time for traveling. Once the island is bathed in a soft pink, holiday makers are happy about the pleasant temperatures far away from their cold homes. For many tourists, who book holiday apartments and holiday homes on Tenerife, this journey time is ideal. They can see many beautiful sides of the island and the hot summer temperatures still lie ahead.


Pink blossoms.

The blossoms in full splendour.

Photo: El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video


The Best Travel Time is the Time of Almond Blossoming

While in summer there are many tourists flocking to the attractions of Tenerife, the time of the almond blossoming is the ideal time for holiday makers, who want to visit all the interesting sights in a more relaxed way. But even though the almond blossoming brings many wonderful hours in nature, you don’t have to miss the time on the beaches of Tenerife.

If you have decided for an accommodation on Tenerife during this time, you might have the chance to live amid the beautiful almond blossoms. Thus, the almond blossoming is a great season for holidays, as nature and the Canary vitality come together at that time.