La Graciosa is now officially number 8 of the Canary Islands

Up until recently only seven of the in total 13 islands that belong to Spain politically but lie just off the coast of Morocco were officially referred to as “Canary Islands”. Since the end of June however the smallest inhabited island of the group, La Graciosa, has been accepted as its own administrative unit making it the 8th Canary Island. Read more

El Hierro – The Canaries’ insider tip

While Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura already have been enjoying great popularity from tourists for years, the mass tourism has not yet rached the smaller canary islands. But if you’re looking for lonely beauty and wild nature, you should probably check out the baby of the canarian family: El Hierro. Read more

Gran Canaria – The mini continent

If you decide to spend your annual holiday on Gran Canaria, you might think of beautiful beaches, a carefree life in one of the luxury hotels or the exciting nightlife in Maspalomas. But even though these are the basic reasons most of the tourists come to visit the island, there is still a lot more to it than seaside resorts and promenades. Even more: With its variety of vegetation zones, which couldn’t be any more different from each other, Gran Canaria is often called a „mini continent“. Read more

La Palma’s best sight – The Caldera de Taburiente

Everyone who spends some time on La Palma should definitely visit the Nationalpark Caldera de Taburiente. Impressive mountains and rocks, deep canyons and thick coniferous forest: There’s a reason why this region is La Palma’s most popular and beautiful attraction. Read more

Tenerife – Events in april

April’s here – and with it a lot of events you definitely should not miss on Tenerife. Besides gastronomic specialities there are art exhibitions, cultural and sport events. You see, Tenerife basically offers events for anyone. Where you have to go, you can easily spot out in our event calendar.

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Fuerteventura – A bathing paradise

The beaches of the Canary Island Fuerteventura belong to the most beautiful ones in Europe. Fine, white sand and turquoise water remind you of the Caribbean. Around the whole island, there are many bathing bays. Therefore, Fuerteventura seems like a little Caribbean in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Hiking paradise Mallorca – Vacations far away from mass tourism

For decades, Mallorca has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. But Mallorca has much more to offer than a lot of sun, beaches and the famous Ballermann. If you like to discover the island in a slow and individual way and you also want to do something for your health, hiking on Mallorca is a good alternative for you!

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